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  • Is your Check Test looming?
  • First one and unsure what to expect?
  • Unhappy with your current grade?
  • Looking to achieve the grade YOU deserve?

We will help you fulfil your true potential!

Top Grade 6 ORDIT registered ADI & Fleet Trainers, Ged & Claire Wilmot, offer comprehensive Check Test Assessment and Training sessions, regardless of your experience. So whether it's your first or twenty-first ADI or Fleet Check Test, we can help you achieve that Grade 6.

Wendy Farran's Testimonial

"Yes! I got straight 6's!
When my Check Test summons arrived I contacted Ged immediately. It always helps to have someone assess your techniques; no one is above needing CPD to keep them on their toes. The result? Grade 6! Thanks Ged!"

Wendy Farran DSA ADI (Chester)

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ADI Check Test Training to Suit You

We generally conduct a Check Test assessment in one of two formats - the choice is down to you:

- Assessment of you giving a real-life driving lesson with a learner or qualified driver, or

- Role play assessment on a subject of your choice from the list of DSA pre-set topics

If it is your intention to conduct a regular Check Test with a learner or qualified driver, then it is far better if we can see your skills first-hand.

For some ADIs, however, a role play Check Test may be their preferred, or only option. In this case, we can play the role of a DSA examiner conducting the assessment.

Whichever option you require, or if you would prefer a mixture of the two, we can help. A typical session would be conducted as follows, although this would obviously be altered to suit your previous experience and requirements:

  • Discussion of your specific goals for the session
  • Initial assessment of a lesson (real or role play)
  • Interactive debrief, identifying your main areas for improvement
  • Full information on the conduct of a Check Test, including a discussion of the common pitfalls
  • An overview of the Check Test marking sheet
  • On road driver coaching, where necessary, to address your key areas for development
  • Written report detailing specific feedback with a view to achieving a Grade 6
  • Certificate of completion for CPD purposes

Fleet Check Test Training

An increasing number of driving instructors have expanded their skillset with a view to providing Fleet Driver Training. If you are on the DSA's Fleet Register, then you will no longer be permitted to take a regular ADI Check Test with a novice driver. Instead, you will be required to undertake a Fleet Check Test, either with a real company car driver, or in the form of a role play.

As Claire and Ged are Fleet Registered, and have themselves both achieved Grade 6 on their recent Fleet Check Tests, they are ideally qualified to help you prepare and pass yours with fantastic results.

Those ADIs taking a Fleet Check Test must be prepared to:

  • Deliver an occupational road safety / risk presentation via laptop, flip chart or verbally
  • Carry out an overview on vehicle safety and familiarisation
  • Conduct a short driver profile of approximately 10-12 minutes
  • Provide feedback on the drive, identifying and discussing the key risk areas
  • Use on-road coaching techniques to correct the risks, complying with the core comptencies
  • Conclude the session with a driver performance appraisal

In addition to assessing and providing coaching on the above criteria, Ged and Claire will provide you with any paperwork, visual aids or Powerpoint presentations that you may need in order to achieve an excellent result.

Pete Scott, an ADI from Mold in North Wales, came along to one of our ADI Coaching Workshops, and subsequently had some training with us in preparation for his first Fleet Check Test, having previously been a Grade 4 ADI...

Pete Scott's Testimonial

"I took my Fleet Check Test and achieved a Grade 6!
My success was totally down to the extraordinary coaching I received from Ged and Claire. They create a wonderful learning environment, their enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject is immense. I would recommend them unreservedly."

Pete Scott DSA RFT (Mold)

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"Does my Check Test Grade really matter?"


It demonstrates both to yourself and your prospective pupils that you are doing your job well. A good grade can be invaluable if you wish to progress into Fleet Driver Training or ADI Training.

Many Fleet Driver Training companies, Police Authorities and Local Councils operating the National Driver Improvement Scheme (NDIS), Red Light or Speed Awareness Courses require their trainers to be a minimum of a Grade 5.

Once you've made the choice to be assessed and trained, you can be assured that you are taking the right steps to maintain a high standard at all times - a standard of which you should be proud. Your training will count towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD), so a certificate is issued along with guidance on how to correctly record evidence of your CPD.

"What's my next step?"

Call Ged or Claire directly on 01457 810195 for some friendly advice or guidance on your Check Test, or indeed to book in your Check Test assessment & training session. Alternatively, click here to fill in our contact form and we'll call you at a time to suit.

We look forward to helping you achieve the grade you want!