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Free downloads for driving instructors In this section of our website, you can access totally free resources and downloads to help you, whether you are an ADI, PDI or Fleet Driver Trainer.

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Miscellaneous Handouts

On our ADI Training, Check Test and Advanced driver training courses, we offer handouts to consolidate the learning process.

Here is just a small sample of the handouts on offer - feel free to use these in your training if you find them useful.

Observation Links
Observation Links

A helpful starting point for exploring awareness, planning and anticipation with all types of driver, from learner to advanced drivers. Particularly useful for those working on commentary driving for ADI Part 2 and advanced driving tests.

Learner Drivers Theory Test Factsheet
Learner Driver Theory Test Factsheet

A useful resource for PDIs and newly-qualified ADIs, containing information on the learner driver theory test. Information on bookings and cancellations, the multiple-choice and hazard perception elements, and those with special needs.

DVLA Driving Licence Restriction Codes
DVLA Driving Licence Offence Codes

A full guide to DVLA driving licence offence codes and descriptions, including number of points and endorsement duration. Unsure if the driver is legally allowed to drive? Guidance is included to help you obtain the information.

DVLA Driving Licence Restriction Codes
DVLA Driving Licence Restriction Codes

Does your pupil legally need to wear glasses when driving? Must they legally require modifications to be fitted? This handout contains a full list of driving licence restriction / information codes so you know what they refer to.

Student & Lesson Records

We have designed some student and lesson records which you may freely download below. These are designed for the instructor to keep in an A4 folder, and should be fairly self-explanatory.

Both records are designed to be printed double sided.

Free Pupil Training Record
Student Record

This record enables you to record your pupil's personal details for easy access, and also their progress in each specific skill area. Mock test results can also be recorded, as well as results from the student's theory and practical driving tests.

Free Pupil Lesson Record
Lesson Record

The lesson record allows you to make notes on what was specifically covered during each lesson, the strengths, areas for improvement, and an area to record your joint aims for next lesson. Simply print multiple copies, as required.

DVSA Documents & Important Reading for ADIs

Some of the below documents are updated on a frequent basis. Where appropriate, we have listed the date of the last update in brackets. Should you find a more updated version that we have listed, please let us know so that we can update our links accordingly.

ADI Voluntary Code of Practice
ADI Voluntary Code of Practice

The voluntary code of practice for ADIs - a framework within which all driving instructors should operate. Including personal conduct, business dealings, advertising and conciliation.

National standard for driving cars (category B)
National Standard for Driving Cars (Category B)

Essential reading for ADIs. The standard sets out what it takes to be a safe and responsible car driver. The syllabus sets out a way of training drivers in the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be a safe and responsible driver.

National standard for driver and rider training
National Standard for Driver and Rider Training

Again, essential reading for driving instructors and trainers. The standard sets out what it takes to provide training to drivers of cars, light vans, mopeds and motorcycles.

National standard for developed driving competence
National Standard for Developed Driving Competence

The standard is for people who intend to train learner drivers of all vehicles or who want to show that they’ve maintained and developed their competence after getting their full licence.

Driving Standards Agency DT1

Essential reading for all driving instructors, the DVSA's DT1 document contains internal operational guidance for Driving Examiners in the conduct of driving tests.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Driving Test Form
DL25 (Dated 04/2008)

The full and official DVSA DL25 practical test marking sheet, including DL25A, DL25B, DL25C and DL25D (guidance notes).

Driving Standards Agency ADI1
ADI1 Standard Operating Procedure

Essential reading for all PDIs and ADIs, this document explains the procedures that should be followed by Driving Examiners conducting ADI & LGV practical examinations, Fleet Driving & ORDIT Assessments, and ADI Standards Checks.

Driving Standards Agency Fleet 3 Fleet Register Guide
Fleet 3 - Your Guide to Fleet Registration (Dated 17/08/2012)

Interested in becoming a DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer? Then you need to read this document. It contains information on the qualifying process, registration, the Fleet Check Test and an application form.

Other Useful Articles

This section contains other useful links and downloads relevant for ADIs

Teaching Deaf People to Drive
Teaching Deaf People to Drive

Written by Elwyn Reed MBE, this excellent guide aims to provide some basic guidance to ADIs who want to instruct deaf pupils.

Driving for Deaf People
Driving for Deaf People

Some great information for those who are deaf and would like to learn to drive, and a downloadable guide for ADIs wishing to teach deaf people to drive.

HMRC Guides & Help

Starting your business as a driving instructor
Business Startup Advice for Driving Instructors

Are you an Approved Driving Instructor with questions about tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses? If so, this free HMRC e-learning course is for you!

HMRC YouTube Channel
HMRC YouTube Channel

The HMRC's YouTube channel provides viewers with lots of help and advice on new and existing business matters.

Free HMRC Webinars
Free HMRC Webinars

HMRC offer a series of free online 30 minute presentations or 'webinars' to give tax help to businesses and the self-employed. Live and interactive webinars are available, as well as ones that have been pre-recorded.

Self-Employed Ready Reckoner
Self-Employed Ready Reckoner

When you start working for yourself, you do not get your first tax bill for a while. This handy ready reckoner tool shows you roughly how much money you might need to meet your Income Tax and Class 4 National Insurance bill.

Simple record keeping applications for mobile devices
Simple Record Keeping Apps For Mobile Devices

To help small businesses with record keeping on the go, some simple record keeping mobile applications are available for businesses below the VAT threshold. The majority of these applications are free.