Fleet Driver Training

It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic crashes involve somebody who was at work at the time. This may account for over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week.

As an employer, manager or supervisor you have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees while they are at work. Health and safety law applies to on-the-road work activities as it does to all work activities.

Active Driving Solutions have trained, specialist Fleet Driver Trainers available throughout the North West of England to provide you and your employees with a Driver Development Course tailored for your requirements.

Driver Development Courses

Of course, when considering contracting a company like ours to fulfil your Fleet Driver Training needs, you may not be requiring training for your whole fleet of drivers. It is for that reason that we offer individual Driver Development Courses for as few or as many employees as you require who, for example, may have a higher than average accident rate.

Following discussion with the employee’s Fleet Manager, we will tailor a course for that specific individual – and target training towards their main risk factors in order to improve their safety on the road. The course can dramatically reduce the chances of that driver being involved in another road traffic accident.

We have recently conducted such training courses with DHL, and they have been extremely happy with our results.

The Benefits

  • improvement of your drivers’ road safety performance
  • reduced insurance premiums and claims
  • reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear
  • reduced staff and vehicle downtime
  • improved corporate image for customers and the public
  • a demonstrable commitment to, and compliance with, health and safety standards

Course Format

We strongly believe that in order to establish a driver’s key risk factors, their driving and attitude needs to be assessed by skilled trainers in the in-car environment. For this reason, unlike many other fleet companies, we prefer not to waste your Company’s valuable time and expense in using inaccurate computer software to ascertain the focus for training.

Our courses typically begin with an introduction and interactive Powerpoint presentation, followed by eyesight checks and vehicle audit. The trainer will then conduct an individual driver assessment, provide feedback followed by a demonstration drive and the remainder of the course is spent purely on driver development training. The day concludes with a course debrief, during which time the trainer will complete the Driver Development Reports which will be sent to the Company Fleet Manager along with Course Completion Certificates.

Course Booking

To enquire further about how we can help develop the skills and safety of your fleet, call us free on 0800 849 6440 or click here to complete our online form and we’ll call you at a time to suit.

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